01. [Adverse] weather conditions are making it difficult for rescuers to reach a sinking ship off the coast of British Columbia.
02. Mexico's economy has been [adversely] affected by the recession in the U.S.
03. The governor has received a great deal of [adverse] publicity as a result of the scandal.
04. This medicine is good for treating high blood pressure, but can also have some [adverse] effects, such as light-headedness.
05. He has faced a great deal of [adversity] in his lifetime, but has always overcome even the most difficult challenge.
06. Even the President's [adversaries] admired his skills as a politician.
07. According to a recent study, over 100,000 Americans die each year from [adverse] reactions to prescription drugs.
08. The climb up the mountain had to be abandoned due to [adverse] weather conditions.
09. There is a very [adversarial] relationship between management and labor in this company.
10. The children didn't seem to be too [adversely] affected by their parents' divorce.
11. The political system in this country is quite [adversarial] and leaves little room for compromise among opposing parties.
12. Despite what many people think, coffee doesn't help to sober up a drunk person, and may actually increase the [adverse] effects of alcohol.
13. The coach warned his players not to take their [adversaries] too lightly because even the weakest team can surprise you.
14. A Chinese proverb observes that happiness is like a sunbeam which the least shadow intercepts, while [adversity] is often as the rain in the spring.
15. An English proverb notes that in times of prosperity friends will be plenty, but in times of [adversity] not one in twenty.
16. An Ethiopian proverb suggests, "Advise and counsel him; if he does not listen, let [adversity] teach him."
17. A Dutch proverb advises, "In prosperity caution, in [adversity] patience."
18. A Welsh proverb observes that [adversity] comes with instruction in his hand.
19. William A. Ward once suggested that [adversity] causes some men to break, and others to break records.
20. Horace once stated that [adversity] reveals genius, whereas prosperity conceals it.
21. Mark Twain once said, "By trying we can easily learn to endure [adversity] - another man's I mean."
22. Billy Graham once noted that comfort and prosperity have never enriched the world as much as [adversity] has.
23. Marcus Tullius Cicero once remarked that friendship makes prosperity brighter, while it lightens [adversity] by sharing its grieves and anxieties.
24. Former President Gerald Ford once said, "I have had a lot of [adversaries] in my political life, but no enemies that I can remember."
25. Anne Bradstreet once noted that if we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant. If we did not sometimes taste of [adversity], prosperity would not be so welcome.
26. John Churton Collins once claimed that in prosperity, our friends know us; in [adversity], we know our friends.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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